Beginners Guide To Writing a Blog Post in WordPress: 6 Solid Steps One Should Follow

Beginners Guide To Writing a Blog Post in WordPress: 6 Solid Steps One Should Follow

What is a blog post?

A piece of writing or content published on a blog or website is called as Blog Post. Wikipedia describes it as a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). 

WordPress is a famous name among bloggers. people loves to use it for different reasons. It has various features that makes it unique among list of website building platforms.

Its pretty easy to build a WordPress website and to bang on the internet with your content. As you have asked the internet to guide with writing a blog post, I assume that you are well known of how to build a WordPress website.

Let’s dive in to the ocean of WordPress and learn together, how to write your very first blog post :

blog post
Blog Post

Before jotting down the steps of how to write a blog post please give a look in to the below information on how to reach on the blog post page.

  • Login to your WordPress Admin (
  • You will land on Dashboard page.
  • On left side go down and you will see “Posts”.
  • Move the cursor on it and click on ” Add New “.
  • Now you will land on the blog post writing page and here we go for next steps to write a fresh new post.

Decide The Topic You Want To Write About

Determination is the first step before proceeding for anything. So, first you have to decide the topic you would love to write about. You can take help of google or any search engine to know the famous and interesting topics people love to read.

Once you got the topic, you can start writing. Truth is, neither I nor anyone can teach you what to write, but at least I can help you to make a blueprint of the writing.

topic to write
image source:
step 2

Write an Eye Catching Title or Headline

As per WP FIX IT , on average, a person spends 6 seconds to concern and convince the searcher to click on the link. Thus, the title of your page frequently plays a decisive role. SERP (Search Engine Result Page) can only show 10 number of result at a time, and everyone wants to come on the top. Writing a catchy title can help you in getting up in the race.

Depending on headline, the structure of the post is to be built. So, you should think of what you exactly want to convey to the audience.

Below are some examples of type of title or headline for a post

  1. Question type title (What, Why) – (Eg: What are the ways to write an effective post?)
  2. How to – (Eg: How to write a post?)
  3. Normal Title (Eg: Effective ways to write a post)
  4. Title containing a number (11 ways to write an effective post)
  5. Informational title (Eg: Tricks you should know to write a post)
  6. Beginners guide title (Eg: Beginners guide to write a post)

Headline has the blueprint of the post. Always choose proper headline and prefer to think from a reader’s prospective before writing the title of the post.

Always give the featured image for the title given. It will show up as Thumbnail of the post. If you don’t set one, your blog layout will look empty.

step 3

Research, Research, Research : Do a Broad One

When I started writing content, the first thought came to my mind that, almost everything is available on internet and with a broad variation.

Then What should I write ?

I started doing research on the topic I wanted to write. I realised there are many things on internet but only some are up to the mark(I don’t want to judge anybody’s writing, everybody has their own writing style). So, your content should be unique and fun to read (I prefer to write in a story telling way).

With an extensive research you will understand what is trending on internet and what audience likes to read. Look for similar posts published by your competitors and summarise their key points. After that, decide what’s worth to be brought to the light and give a new perspective to the content.

Everyone can access every information available on internet and how you present your content decides how much attention it will gain. Here, research plays the prime role.

Just like we do Home works !!

step 4

Write The Post

After doing research on the topic, jot down the points you want to cover on your post. Make a proper outline and Write the Post. Try to maintain a good length for the post ( content with more than 1500 – 3000 words is considered as a good one). As you are seeking a guidance for writing your very first blog post(I hope that’s why your are here), just focus on writing near about 1000 words. Some of the content will have less than 1000 and some will be more than 3000. It depends on the type of content you are writing about.

Read the points to write an effective post:

  • Write with proper format
  • Maintain Headlines and Sub-headline font size properly (eg: if you use H1 for headline then the sub-headline should be H2 and so on.)

Remember , there is no certain rule to write certain numbers of words (as Google loves content with more word, its recommended to write more words). you can just write as much as the topic needs.


Add Media Files

screenshot WP

Writing a post is not all about text, media files such as image, gallery also have their importance. Info-graphics makes it interesting and easy to understand for the readers. So, always add some media file to your post.

You can find a Plus sign (+) on top corner (as shown on above photo), you have to upload images to the media library . One of the best thing about WordPress is , once in the library, you can use them in as many posts as you want. They will always come from the same source, so you’re not using up excess space on your web host.

Always give “alt text” for the photo or gallery(on right side you can see alt text bar when you will click on the uploaded photo.

step 6

Add & Check Format of the Content

Once you are done writing, check the format and alignment of the post written. Make Bold, Italic wherever needed. do proper alignment of the media files. look through the post one more time to check any typing or spelling error. If any, do the necessary correction.

Before making the post live , always check every single point mentioned above. that’s what called Proofreading.

Now Publish the Post

Once you are done with everything and cross checked the post you can publish it by clicking on Publish.

Finally, enjoy what you’re doing. That’s the best method to succeed in any thing.

If you find the article useful and liked it please give your valuable feedback. Also like and share it with your near and dear one and let the knowledge spread.

Happy Writing !

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