Made-in-India iPhone 12 is on the way: Report says it may start Producing in mid-2021

Made-in-India iPhone 12 is on the way: Report says it may start Producing in mid-2021

Would you like to buy an iPhone 12 made in India? Do you know Apple supplier Wistron has started trial production of the iPhone 12 at a new facility near Bengaluru?

Narasapura plant in Bengaluru will handle the production of iPhone 12 models after the plant’s construction is completed earlier this year.

iPhone 12 is the seventh iPhone model to be manufactured in India. The company has hired 10000 additional resources for the manufacturing of the latest model that is going to be released in other parts of the world later this year: rumours claim. It has already hired 1000 employees for the manufacturing process.

iPhone 12

Apple has already produced the iPhone 11 model at a plant nearby Chennai, India. There are also plans to produce iPhone SE in India by end of 2020 in the existing plant in Bengaluru: Business Standards resource said.

After India banned Chinese apps in its territory Apple also wants to move away from supply chain concentration in China. Now it is aggressively giving efforts to stepping into India-based manufacturing.

Apple is yet to capture the manufacturing sector in India – the second largest smartphone markets in the world.

Some reports claim iPhone 12 will be released this October- we hope India will also see the made in India iPhone 12 soon. If Apple increases its production in India then the price will be more competitive than it is at present. It will give an opportunity to millions of new Indian customers to own their favourite iPhone.

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