How to create a WordPress Page and Add It to the Menu

How to create a WordPress Page and Add It to the Menu

When you are all set with your WordPress website ,next step is to create a WordPress page which seems difficult if you don’t know the process. So, here we are going to discuss step-by-step process to create a WordPress page an how to add it to the Menu.

Creating Pages are the basic task when you want to have a full-pledged website. This article is to  teach you, how to create a WordPress page and how to add it to your website’s navigation menu.

Let’s get started.

First of all, log in to the admin panel of your WordPress website. Click on the “Pages” menu item in the left navigation menu. It will take you to a list of all your pages.

WordPress page

Click on “Add New” to go to Add New page . The section has the WordPress editor and all the settings for your new page.

add new tab in WordPress

You have add the Title on the field where it is mentioned to “Add Title”. As you will fill out various fields for your new page, at some point you’ll notice that a permalink field will appear directly under the title. A permalink is often called a “slug” and basically is the address or URL of the page you are creating. WordPress automatically determines the permalink based on the title you entered. You can click the Edit button next to it and change it to something more suitable.

add page

Start writing or type/to choose a block” is the part where you can write the content under the Menu and/or add media files. once you are done with it, you can publish the page by clicking on “Publish” button on right hand top corner.

This makes the page live to the public. In case you are not ready to publish the page then click the “Save Draft” button to save the page for later. The page is not visible to the public.

Adding The Page To Your Navigation Menu

Click on the “Appearance” menu item in the left menu, then click on Menus. If there are no menus yet, you have to create one using the link provided. One of the menus will be shown by default if any already exist.

navigation menu

You can add page names under “Most recent” option , that shows most recently added pages to the list. On right hand side, the newly added page name will show off. You can adjust the pages by clicking and dragging it as per your choice. You can also make any page as a child of any other menu item simply by dragging it under the parent menu item and a little to the right(as shown in below image).

drag and drop menu

Click the blue Save Menu button to save your menu. Now you can visit your home page as visitors would see it to make sure that the menu looks they way you want it to. You can do changes to the page names or slug in future too.

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