How To Create A Business Page On LinkedIn : 5 Easy Step-By-Step Guide

How To Create A Business Page On LinkedIn : 5 Easy Step-By-Step Guide

When the world is moving from paper to digital, changes are observed in every sector. Those days were gone when people used to share their personal/business card . Now we share our links to website or business page on different platform.

Do you remember last time when anyone handed you their card for further contact !!

It’s very rare. Most people have their business website link or page address to share .

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are very famous among business person to promote their business online.

Why is it necessary to create a business page on LinkedIn?

Online presence is mandatory now for surviving in corporate world. LinkedIn is one of the famous online platforms now. With upgraded facilities available , LinkedIn has made changes to it image amount professionals. Earlier it was the most neglected site and people hardly wanted to use it on regular basis. But now, the situation is different. Everyone has their professional account in this site. Business firms are also showing their interest and making effort to be on LinkedIn.

Reason why LinkedIn is a perfect place to have your business account?

  1. It helps in making a free of cost publicity of your company/business.
  2. You can have all your employees listed and every individual acts as an ambassador for your company.
  3. You can keep updates on your important events, posts.
  4. You can list out numbers of services you provide.
  5. Monitoring when your company name gets mention is much easier.
  6. Most of all it’s a free to use platform for the betterment of your company name and fame.
  7. It helps in recruiting candidates for you firm as you can find thousands of professional accounts.

Requirements to Add a Company Page:

  1. You must have a personal account with your first and last name.
  2. The profile must be at least 7 days old.
  3. The profile strength must be at least intermediate or all-star.
  4. You must have several connections on your profile.

Step-By-Step Guide to create a business page on LinkedIn

Creating a business page on LinkedIn is only 5 small steps away from you.

Step: 1

Login to your personal account and from your homepage move the cursor over “Work” and select “Create a Company Page.

create business page on linkedin
create business page on LinkedIn

Step: 2

Select the type of business page you want to create.

create a linkedin page
create a LinkedIn page

Step: 3

Fill up your business/company details as required.

step 3 of creating a linkedin page

Step: 4

Click on Create Page.

create linkedin page

Step: 5

Once you have created your page, click “Start building your page!” and add more details.

Now you’re ready to publish your Business page on LinkedIn and start using it as one of the best places to promote your product / service offered.

Useful Tips to make your Business Page more attractive and useful for your business

  • Write a brief “About” your business. A short and interesting summary will create engagement among the visitors.
  • Provide your company website URL (if any).
  • Add your company location to your business page. makes your company more discoverable.
  • List down your service and products first.
  • Add career information and opportunities.
  • Create and update posts on regular basis.
  • Promote your products and services with your specific Hashtags.( Hashtags creates an identification of your posts and articles.)
  • Last but not the least add your employees and co-workers to your business page. It helps in spreading the name of your business among the mass of LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I create a business page on LinkedIn without a personal profile?

No. You must have a personal LinkedIn profile to create a LinkedIn business page.

Is there a cost to have a business Page on LinkedIn ?

No, LinkedIn Company pages can be set up for free, however, you can sign up for additional human resource features, or create a LinkedIn Ad account and advertise for additional fees.

Is it mandatory to include an address on my LinkedIn Business page?

No, you do not need to include your address when setting up your LinkedIn Business page, however, it is strongly recommended that you include your address and phone number to help enhance your Local SEO and search engine results. 

How do I create a LinkedIn page for a University?

If you’ve created a Page for a school, contact the Linkedin team to complete your page setup by enabling the Alumni tool.

Social Media Marketing is the most important part of Digital Marketing and every business should have their online presence. LinkedIn is the perfect choice without any doubt. Once give it a try and I guarantee it wont disappoint you.

The article has been kept short and precise for better understanding. I believe in describing things in most possible easier way as per the readers’ need for the time.

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