How to Add Social Media Icons in WordPress

How to Add Social Media Icons in WordPress

social media icon

Word of mouth has still importance in this digitized time. Social media plays a vital role in spreading it. Imagine a situation when you like an article very much that you wanted to share it with your near and dear ones. But there is no such function available on the website to do so. Never […]

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Things You Should Know About Chatbots


Chat Bots In the event that you have ever attempted to contact client assistance live talk administration, you probably experienced somebody from the opposite side giving brief reaction in some time. Now and again you may feel like there is no human rather it may be a robot. The emotional progression in AI innovation has […]

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How to change a Facebook page name


Earlier it was not possible to change a Facebook page name and URL, but with recent changes Facebook allows you to change the page name with certain Do’s and Don’ts. Now you can easily change your Facebook page name and Facebook will approve it. But you have to be very careful while changing the page […]

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15 Digital Marketing Trends One can’t Ignore in 2020

digital marketing trends

Digital Marketing is the next big thing in this era. It has almost replaced many forms of Traditional Marketing. We see less number of leaflets in our newspaper and more sponsored posts online. Are you new with the term Digital Marketing? You can read What Is Digital Marketing and Why is it important? If you […]

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The 5 Best Types of Web Hosting


Every website on internet needs a hosting service to exist. Web hosting is like the virtual address for the website where the domain names resides. There are many Web hosting service providers available in market those providing hosting services but not all of them are same. As a newbie the first question must arise in […]

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How to install SSL certificate in WordPress

WordPress is the easiest way to have a website of your own. It is flexible and easy to use CMS platform and acquires 35% of the web. The world is getting digitised day by day and also the risk of privacy is getting more. When we browse any website we provide private information which should […]

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10 Must Have WordPress Dashboard Plugins

wordpress plugins

WordPress Dashboard Plugins For a beginner it must be confusing what are plugins. But those who has minimum knowledge about WordPress knows Why Plugins are an essential part of the site. Are you a beginner in WordPress? Then before continuing with this article once have a look at what is WordPress and how to setup […]

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What is Zoho CRM? Features, Pricing, Demo and USPs

zoho crm

Zoho CRM Overview: Customer Relationship management (CRM) are software solutions which are designed to manage sales and marketing of any business. According to Webopedia , Zoho CRM is a SaaS-based CRM tool that is used to manage customer relation in an adequate manner. Software Features: 1. Omni-channel and gives Real-time notification: Generates calls and sales […]

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How to create a WordPress Page and Add It to the Menu


When you are all set with your WordPress website ,next step is to create a WordPress page which seems difficult if you don’t know the process. So, here we are going to discuss step-by-step process to create a WordPress page an how to add it to the Menu. Creating Pages are the basic task when […]

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7 Best Web Hosting Services 2020

best webhosting

Best web hosting services are no more myth. As you’re here, I assume that you know what is blogging and what are the basic steps to create a website. If you want to know more about it, please click here . We are living in a society, where everything goes online and every business runs […]

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