21 Topic Ideas to Write about

21 Topic Ideas to Write about

Topic ideas to write

Writing is an art and everyone doesn’t need to be an artist. Some are God gifted whereas some discover their writing skill. No matter which category you belong to, writing is a wonderful experience just like Stringing pearls together. When you start writing, the first thought comes in mind “What to Write”? 

Why is it necessary to find on which topic you can write?

You can write on any topic if you want. But does it mean that you should write on any random topic!

The answer is NO. Writing is something that expresses a writer’s interest and perception. So, you should write about your favourite topics. The topics you like to read and love to explore. 

Let’s explore the world of writing and think about what we can write about. This article can help you as a guide to what are your favourite topics to write and you can add your ideas to it.

Topic ideas to write
Topic ideas to write

Here I am presenting 21 topic ideas to write about:

  1. Write about Animals and topic related to their wellbeing. You can also write about your Pet (if any).
  2. You can write about any DIY projects. Because Do It Yourself if the new trending topic and people love to explore new DIY things.
  3. Beauty and Health-related topics such as Hair and Skincare. People love to know about new tips and tricks about how to take care of their hair and skin with homemade ingredients and home remedies.
  4. You can write about your favourite movie or show and can give your honest reviews about it. Readers will love to read about these topics.
  5. Write about your favourite Apps and share your thoughts about why you like it. You can also mention how to use those Apps.
  6. Mental Health and Mindfulness is the necessity of today’s population. People love to find out what are the ways to take care of mental health and wellbeing.
  7. Getting information about ‘How to travel on a budget’ is every travel freak’s interest. You can choose this topic to write about. It will give them an idea about how they can explore new places with a limited budget.
  8. Write about your life lessons. It may help any other person in necessity.
  9. Choose a topic to write about any moment/moments in life you will never forget.
  10. One of the best topic ideas to write about is Time-Management. Managing Time is the most discussed topic nowadays.
  11. “How you have changed in the past years”. This is an amazing topic to write about. This will help you in self explore too.
  12. Write about the things and/or persons you are grateful to.
  13. Write about your favourite person in your life.
  14. Choose a topic like short-stories and fictional characters.
  15. Do you have any childhood experience? Choose one of them and write about it.
  16. Any secret desire you have in your heart! Jot down them in a story format. 
  17. Product reviews are some on-going topics to write about. You can write about any product you are using or used in recent time and give your feedback about them.
  18. The most popular keyword on the Internet is “How to?” You can write any topic which explains how to do/explore anything. You must write in a format of step to step.
  19. Write about Lifestyle.
  20. Parenting is the most searched topic for newbies in the world of parenthood. You can write about a guide to Parenting.
  21. Food !! yes you can write about Food. It may be about your favourite dish or how to prepare any special dish.

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