15 Digital Marketing Trends One can’t Ignore in 2020

15 Digital Marketing Trends One can’t Ignore in 2020

Digital Marketing is the next big thing in this era. It has almost replaced many forms of Traditional Marketing. We see less number of leaflets in our newspaper and more sponsored posts online.

Are you new with the term Digital Marketing? You can read What Is Digital Marketing and Why is it important?

If you are acquainted with the term and looking for latest Digital Marketing Trends, then you are at right place.

If you are a newbie in the industry, some of the terms you already know and some you don’t. I suggest to read till last of this article to know what are the digital marketing trends in 2020.

I will keep it simple and brief to make you understand. To know in depth you can go through other articles I have written.

Chat bots

Chatbots are software applications designed to simulate conversation with human users through written or spoken human speech. The chatbot is a pre-trained automated program that interacts with customers just like a human does.

Chatbots are an amazing technique that makes communication digitized. Many times we contact customer support live chat service for any query or help and some one from the other side resolves our issues promptly.

Will you believe if I say, maximum times there is an artificial intelligent bot is responding us !

chat bots

Yes, Chatbots are the booming trend in digital marketing that occupies maximum business.

Benefits and limitations of Chat bots :

  • plus symbolInstant response in real-time
  • plus symbolPre-trained programs
  • plus symbolMature conversation
  • plus symbol24/7 availability
  • plus symbolCost-saving
  • minus symbol Can’t understand human context
  • minus symbolZero research skills and no emotion

Artificial Intelligence

Machine intelligence is demonstrated by machines which are artificial in nature but it comes almost nearer to human intelligence. With pre-loaded data and codes, machines are getting intelligent day by day. If coded properly AIs can work better than humans.

In many sectors, we can see machines are replacing human resource and giving similar result to there customers. Companies like Mastercard, Amazon, Facebook and many more are taking advantages of Artificial Intelligence to serve their customer. Even Chatbots are Artificial intelligence working for customer query and service. Starting from gaming to natural language processing you can find AI.

Benefits and Limitations of AI:

  • plus symbolReduced error
  • plus symbol24/7 availability without a break
  • plus symbol Repetitive work
  • minus symbol Costs high
  • minus symbol Zero creativity
  • minus symbol Reduces employement

Social Media Marketing

While talking about Digital Marketing Trends, how can we skip Social Media Marketing? Social media has a booming improvement in a few years. Most of the population used social media apps and it is a wise decision to have a social media presence to reach your target audience.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has there own customer base where a business must have accounts to market service and products digitally.

social media

Voice Search

How many of you use Google Voice Search or OK Google feature in your smartphone? I believe most of use prefer voice search over typing those lengthy query in search bar. Voice search and smart speakers plays an important role in providing information through voice content. It is easier than Keyword search.

50% of the searches are made up of the help of voice search and 75% of people uses smart speakers or voice search to do their daily routine.

So, no doubt voice search is the famous digital trend that going to acquire a larger place in future.

smart speker

SERP Zero Position

When we ask Google for anything, the first result gets the maximum clicks. The first result on the Search Engine Result Page is known as Zero position that gets maximum attention. SERP zero position directly answers user search queries without any need for the user to click a link.

To reach to the zero position, a marketer has to invest their resource in SEO. This digital trend has risen up in last few years and going to be the most used trick to get success online.

serp zero position

Long Form Content

Content is king and plays a vital role in digital marketing. But no one loves short and less communicative content. Readers want more information and good length of content. Informative contents help the audience to get their desired information and gives good engagement to the marketer.

If I write a short and one-liner post on any topic will you be interested to read my blog? I think No. Because the more lengthy(relevant and valid) the content is the more engagement will occur.

long form content

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO is the free version of marketing. By applying SEO you can organically reach your audience. While Search Engine Marketing (SEM) gives the result in short span of time, SEO takes time.

Digital marketers are adopting the trend of reaching people organically because of the popularity of SEO. Its just a work of testing and analysis. Not all company has that much of resource to place ads for everything. In that case SEO is a life saver.


Omni-channel Marketing

In the time when half of the population are on the web, it is a must for any business to connect with their audience online. Social media are the perfect choice to stay connected with the target audience.

Blogs, Vlogs, Mails, SMS, In-store, Apps, Call centre are some other forms of communication a business should consider. Staying connected with the audience through multiple channels is known as Omni-channel marketing.

This digital marketing trend has gained popularity in recent time. Social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are on the peak when talking about omni-channel marketing.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Applications(PWAs) are effective in making sure that your visitors are enjoying application type features while visiting your website. In simple word websites that work like mobile apps are called PWAs. They just work like any other native apps.

Fast load times, push notifications, working offline, utilizing device hardware, without being limited to one platform are some of the features of PWAs.

Chinese company Alibaba implemented PWAs technique and achieved 76% higher conversion across all browsers, 14% more monthly active users and 4X high interaction rate from Add to Home-screen.

progressive web apps

Web Security

Web security means protecting a website or web application by detecting, preventing and responding to cyber threats. It is famously known as Cyber security. We come across many online threats and insecure activities. Web security makes our web applications and other sites secure and prevents threat.

Web security is a system of protection measures and protocols that can protect your website or web application from being hacked or entered by unauthorized personnel. 

SSL certification is one of the example of web security.

cyber security

5G Technology

In the digitized era everybody has a smart phone in hand. Uses of internet has grown rapidly. Speed internet is not new to anyone and plays an important role in giving better consumer experience.

Now we are living in 4G technology time and in near future we will start using 5G technology which will play a vital role reaching to maximum user world wide.

This digital marketing trend is a never ending process. The more people will use internet, the more demand will increase for next generation technology.

5G technology

Shoppable Posts

When you want to purchase something online, you need to browse and then choose a product. Later you have to login or register to purchase the desired product which seems a lengthy and boring process. The new trend is to do shopping through shoppable posts.

E-commerce brands care now creating and posting interactive ads that allow users to click and shop with ease. Instagram believes this will make it easier for businesses to reach prospective new customers, as it will effectively shorten the sales funnel, giving consumers the instant access they desire.

Instagram reports that the platform has 1 billion users, and 90% of them already follow active shopping brands, with many visiting these profiles on a daily basis. 

shoppable post


I came across people who always stick to some of their favourite brand products. Maximum consumer says that they feel connected to a brand whenever they trust it, and to earn their trust, you have to establish a solid brand.

The reason branding is so important now is because of Google’s E.A.T. ranking factor, which stands for:

  • Expertise: the page needs to have quality content written by an expert writer.
  • Authority: the site itself needs to have some authority on the subject.
  • Trustworthiness: the site needs to have other authoritative links pointing to it from trusted sites.

Content Marketing

 Content Marketing Institute says:

  • Content marketing rakes in conversion rates 6x higher than other methods.
  • Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads than those without blogs.
  • Content marketing has lower up-front costs and deeper long-term benefits than paid search.
  • 615 million devices now use ad blockers, which means your ads are not being seen by as many people.
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates 3x as many leads.

 Google’s John Mueller says that a site should have fast speeds, useful links, and well-written content rather than chasing the latest SEO trends.

content marketing

From these things, you can understand the value of content and its marketing. Target audience is the core of content writing. Without hitting the exact audience no content can survive.


Automation have its amazing benefits. In this article we have discussed about Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots those are nothing but the magic of automation. Automation makes a work simpler, easy to do, less human interference, round the clock availability.


Other benefits of automation are:

  • Improved Customer Retention and Loyalty
  • Improved User Experience
  • Deliver a Highly Personalized Website Experience to Every User
  • Optimize for Voice Search Queries
  • Identify “Hot Leads”
  • Target Customers Across Different Channels
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell to Customers
  • Generate Leads from Thank You Pages
  • Automatically Suggest Content to Visitors
  • Maintain a Central Hub for all Your Marketing Activities
  • Cut Costs and Save Time

Take Away

Digital marketing trend is something that may change with time but some of the digital marketing trend has their specific place in the market. As a digital marketer, everyone should be aware of current digital marketing trend and should update themselves as per the situation. Algorithms updates from different sources should be closely observed to stay updated. this should be a part of your job.

As John F. Kennedy once said: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

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